Bespoke Fabric

The long list of fabrics available to choose from is astonishing (107 types, to be precise!), listed below. Knowing how to choose what is most appropriate for your project is as important as the design itself since the type of fabric can alter the strength of colour, the bright-whiteness as well as the drape, durability and other factors but the good news is that this means the sky is the limit.


Crepe de Chine (poly) 85gsmReal 100% Silk Georgette 50gsmMulmul Soft Muslin 55gsm


Examples: Crepe de Chine (poly) 85gsm, Real 100% Silk Georgette 50gsm, Mulmul Soft Muslin 55gsm.

For that very reason, a sample is strongly recommended before ordering a bespoke fabric. To arrange a print of your choice on any of the listed fabrics, simply order an A5 sample of your chosen fabric design from the Fabric page then use the contact form to state which type of fabric you require (list below).

SUSTAINABILITY: This is a prime consideration when choosing my own fabrics and for more information on this important aspect, along with a list of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the range, view Contrado's articles HERE (manufacturing processes) and HERE (eco-conscious fabrics).

IMPORTANT: When ordering your chosen bespoke piece of fabric, please pay attention to the scale of the motif, using the fabric dimensions as a gauge as these small samples are intended to test colour/print quality, not scale.


For full details of each fabric type, visit Contrado's fabric information resources HERE.