Pivoting on high-quality gilclée fine art prints and spiralling out into a range of interior and lifestyle accessories and even fabric by the metre, opening this online shop is an exciting venture for someone who loves to see art splashed all over the surfaces of life and not just consigned to a wall-canvas!

But what else fuels me? How about the prospect of pouring my art passion into creating products that are as hand-made as my art and produced on-demand, not mass produced thus (sadly, often) under-appreciated and over-produced, thus destined for land-fill. Not so here, where all prints, fabrics and accessories are bespoke-made by hand.

Variety, possibility and sustainability…living the inspired life

Let’s start with prints…since art on walls is kind-of what I do (see my art website for that)! There’s been a gap for well-produced giclée reproduction prints and digital artworks in a choice of sizes, ordered “straight off the page” of my website, for some time (and I’m not talking about the usual well-known print-on-demand portals such as Pixels / Fine Art America etc aimed at the masses). When it comes to selling archival standard, art gallery quality, unframed giclée prints I can stand by, I prefer to know who I am dealing with as a production lab. I also care deeply about sustainability…


By collaborating with printers at Creativehub, I know I am also contributing to The World Land Trust to protect natural habitats. Every order fulfilled contributes to a very real, trackable portion of land that is saved over a 12 month period as a result of my art shop going live…so you are HUGE part of that too (I couldn’t do it without you). They are also end-to-end carbon neutral and invest in renewable solar and wind projects, working tirelessly to be carbon neutral. All this with no compromise to the end product. My giclée prints are produced using the best possible inks and archival papers by an award-winning print service chosen by the best galleries and professionals.

Spilling art off the walls into everyday life


My shop doesn’t stop there…from lampshades to notebooks and traditionally bound journals, to kimonos, cushions, bags and purses, there is already a wide range of choice in a selection of “departments” and more items being added all the time.

I’ve been designing fabrics and customising some of my original artworks for fabric for some time now and, by partnering with London-based Contrado, I am now able to offer a growing collection of designs to a HUGE range of different fabrics, from organic cotton to linen, oilcloth, silk and vegan silk, organza, a wide range of other interior and dressmaking fabrics and even some obscurities, such as the stuff you can make swimwear and wet-suits out of! Really, the choices are only limited by your imagination and priorities.

Keeping it local

The internet has opened up a whole lot of possibilities and I admit to working with print on demand companies world-wide for that very reason. However, when it came to this project of the heart, I wanted to keep it local in order to keep my footprint small. I'm a UK-based artist so UK it had to be and, as above, so are my printers and makers when it comes to this website.

Unique, bespoke fabrics for all your creative projects

So, sustainability (as above) is high in my priorities thus I’m pleased to announce that Contrado offer a range of sustainable fabrics, from organic “field-to-loom” cotton poplin and organic cotton canvas to Gaia eco woven fabric made from 100% recycled PET materials. All of their inks are eco-friendly and their fully UK-based manufacturing and printing process is water-free (see their Sustainability page). You can rest easy that each piece is bespoke, as in, printed just for you so there is no waste and this is why prices on my website are not what you would find in the high street…I have quite different priorities to the big-boys of fast fashion and want you to treasure your purchase for a long time but also to care about planet Earth

For now, I am adding a few new fabric designs to my shop at a time, in 0.5, 1 or 2 metre lengths, printed on fabrics that I have demonstrated to “work” because I have used them myself, but really the choice is all yours.


For a bespoke, custom-printed size and type of fabric to suit your project or to arrange for samples in the post, all you have to do is get in touch or use the sample ordering options on the Fabric page.

You can also expect luxury scarves and shawls to make a reappearance soon…but I’m currently in talks with a UK-based eco-printer about sourcing a luxury material that can be printed with all my super-vibrant colours without detriment to the environment, so watch this space.